Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wilbur's worries

Today I chipped in $25 USD towards Patricia in the Philippines for feed for her pigs.

I don't think too closely about the conditions Patricia's pigs might be kept in, and I know full-well what their early and inevitable end will be, but that's my problem, not hers. She's trying to feed a family and keep body and soul together. The fact that my world view was deeply effected by Charlotte's Web is yet another of my first world affectations and luxuries. Some of the people who loan money through Kiva have complicated and detailed moral guidelines about their loaning philosophy. I just want to help people (it turns out that I favour loaning to women, that wasn't a deliberate thing initially).

Patricia looked tired and a little bit sad in her photo. She was a little bit out of focus and is a bit thin. She really looked like she could do with a hand. Plus pigs, although smart and often interesting companions, really do have stinky stinky poo. If you're choosing to farm pigs, you're automatically and obviously short on options. Really. Nearly anything else is better from a day-to-day operational stink factor.

I was reading someone clever the other day (maybe it was Chris Guillebeau, but if it wasn't, well, he is clever so check him out anyway) who said that when in doubt about the next step to take for your own projects or in your own life, then help somebody and make something.
Help somebody and make something.

So good luck Patricia, and somebody is going to get some woolly socks.

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