Friday, September 05, 2008

Maths in Music

Last night was a chance to see the amazing Grant Collins in performance (at the Ipswich Civic Hall). It has been waaaaaaaaaaaayy too long since I was exposed to something so challenging and beautiful at the same time. I only wish that I could have been more rested and so able to keep up with the mathematical and physical gymnastics this charming musician performs - all with a gorgeous sense of humour. I'm so grateful for the chance to see someone that cool in this town.

Hilariously enough, I took my seven year old niece (Kirra) who loves music and is pretty much hyperactive. It was her first concert, and she loved it. From the support act (who were brilliant) (The Gap High School percussion ensemble) who had jammed 4 full size glockenspiels/xylophones into the foyer along with a normal kit, a whole bunch of tom toms a base drum and various bells and stuff. They played some thilling contemporary stuff (ever heard a glockenspiel played with a bow? Haunting.) and something that sounded very ritualistic (an interpretation of something - I couldn't quite hear the bandmaster). Kirra said "It sounds like a movie" and I think that's the highest praise she has in her current paradigm.

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