Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Ex Libris J9

Ah, A New Year. Isn't it great when you get it home and it is still in the plastic wrapping and you think "Oh I'm going to keep it in the bag as long as possible so it stays real nice. I'll even leave that little bit of cling-film on the front so it doesn't get scratched where I look at it all the time." Yeah and it feels pretty special and there's a little bit of hope that this one won't go saggy and a bit sour in the late-middle like the last one did.

You might even clean away a shelf and put it just so in the middle (or maybe a bit to one side) and look at it as you potter around making tea or looking for the movie listings section of the paper and glance up at it occasionally and think "That is one good looking year - oh yeah - it's gunna be a doozy". I like to open it up and write my name inside the front cover and then hum a little while I daydream about all the cool excellent things that might happen in the coming months if only Henry Rollins would realise I'm not a stalker but that ours is the one true love, or if that internet ebooks biz would really deliver the cash day to day that the sales website promised. Or best of all that I magically imagine and finish a story that is utterly awesome sexy cool and turns into the must-read graphic novel of someone's age and then Marvel make a kick-ass film about it starring Robert Downey Jnr and Angelina Jolie (who decide I must be on-set to give my valuable guidance about the vision making the journey to celluloid or whatever phrase gets used to justify a junket) but also that as an outcome of the utterly massive truckloads of cash the thing makes, Angelina is able to buy out all of Africa and in partnership with Oprah eliminates malaria, hunger, and unsightly upper-lip or eyebrow hairs for everyone. Melissa Gates chips in with some top ideas about appropriate technology and suddenly Africa has an open-source space program and has culturally uplifted Chimps and Gorillas who are the first non-humans to have a seat in the U.N.

Then I realise that my cup of tea's gone cold, that my creepy neighbour is staring in the window again and that my New Year now has a crumpled corner.
So it begins.

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