Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Intentions of 2009

I will write every day.

I will use my work email Inbox as an inbox only and not as an undifferentiated filing cabinet (currently 4058 items dating back to May 2007).

I will be more cheerful (or at least less actively depressed) by doing fun things more often. Given the poor performance in this area in 08, this year's efforts have been buoyed by pre-purchasing comedy tickets for March and April - Ah HA!! I've recruited Tim Minchin and Bernard Black to fight on my behalf. Take that evil depression empire!!

I will keep a daily gratitude journal to remind me of all the wonderful glorious bountiful things in my life (rather than dwelling on things like, say, being attacked by two stray dogs this morning and screaming my throat out for help and not so much as a curtain twitching. Fuck you too Leichhardt). Big Breath ... calm thoughts ... happy thoughts....

I will read 50% non-fiction this year. Last year was the year of "I'll just read for fun", and so there were a lot of comics, a lot of vampire/werewolf romance, indiscriminate magazines and random weird trash. Fun in a way, but like any diet filled with junk food, I began to feel a bit bloated and unwell. Too much is too much. Plus, in relation to the cheerful/fun thing, turns out that pop science makes me feel happy. Something to do with stimulating the knowitall gland and excretions of smartarse enzymes.

I will do yoga twice a week all year. When I do it, I am calmer, have better posture, worry less and feel stronger facing daily crud. What's not to like?!

I will do some housework. Not a lot. Not all the time. Just some, ok?! Enough that the cat stops reporting me to the RSPCA (ungrateful little traitor).

There should be some more shouldn't there? There should be stuff about eating healthy foods, meeting all my work deadlines, shedding x kilos and being kind to old people who smell like mothballs. After all there's not even 10 things on my list...
Who am I trying to kid? That's plenty to be going on with. I can barely keep 5 things in my mind at once, seven is a stretch and 10 is just asking to lose at least 3 right away, feel bad and stumble on the other 5 until I collapse by mid feb and give it all up as a bad job and spend the rest of the year moaning about how "let's hope 2010 is a better year". No Thanks. Jeeze, it's already taken me a week to decide on them, and in this week, I've already mangled 5 of them. I'll do better next week - I promise.

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