Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Joy of Laminate

I have been feeling pretty good about how clean my desk is at work this afternoon. Yeah, plenty of laminate between the phone and the single (canted) pen and my glass of water. Oh, check me out - I'm Gordon Freakin Gecko! PURE POWER BABY!

Except until I needed to get something out of my bag, and turned around to find a towering mass of brightly highlighted pieces of paper saying "urgent - do right NOW" and dated last week, and evem, a bit deeper int eh pile, the week before last. Oh dear. When I face my screen, this pile is just outside of my peripheral vision, and so, it seems, also just outside of my ability to pay attention to it. Crap. I don't remember moving that stuff there, but I must have. I even found my "inbox" inside the anerobic bowels of this swamp, cracked and weeping.

Still, no one has chased up any of those super urgent tangerine highlighted tasks, so maybe I can just file them all straight into the recycling bin and get back to enjoying expanses of laminate.

Oh, yeah, that's it - nice clean desk!

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